Selecting an Ivory Flower Girl Dress


Historically, the flower girl was intended to be a miniature version of the bride; wearing a gown especially designed to mirror many of the same features appearing in the bride’s dress. This is usually the reason that it is very easy to find ivory flower girl dresses.

There are a few things to consider before selecting any available ivory flower girl dress, however. For one thing, the age of the child is relatively significant if the dress is going to be complex. Consider how ribbons, costly lace, or any other adornments might snag or become an impediment or distraction to a particularly active child. Additionally, the pale color might suffer stains from foods and beverages too, and this is especially so if the flower girl is under the age of five or six.

How can you still use an ivory flower girl dress if there are concerns such as those outlined above? Many brides will opt to select a style that is similar in cut or material, but they will also add features that can help with certain issues. For example, if there are concerns about the child fiddling with lace or adornments, the bride can pick a lovely sash that coordinates with the gowns in the bridal party and keep the flower girl dress extremely simple. Alternately, if the child may be at risk for spilling food or a colored drink on the gown, many brides will select an ivory flower girl dress that is garnished with silk flowers or even a delicate floral print that will mask the worst issues.

Ivory and white are classic wedding colors, but the girl dress does not have to be stuck with such a basic design or style. In fact, most brides will opt to “doll up” their flower girl’s gown in order to give the child the same princess-style appearance as the bride, but in a much more youthful and even fantastic way. Using bolder sashes, silk flowers, lots of buttons and lace, and even color-block options in which the dress is cut in a style similar to the bridal party but with a skirt in a paler shade, can help to make the wearing of a pale ivory dress less of a risk. Most little girls love dressing up like a fairy princess for a wedding day, but in the end they are still children who might forget to be careful of their clothes, and choosing features that will help to hide any marks is always a great idea.