Disadvantages of using the steroids

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Steroids are the man-made hormones which are used by many people for various purposes. The main reason why a lot of people use steroids is because they help to increase the muscle tissue and helps to make you look bulky in no time. Mostly the steroids help to boost the testosterone level in the body which helps to increase the stamina in no time. However, there are many kinds of disadvantages that you have to face if you use steroids. Following are few of them:

·        Gynecomastia:

Many of us don’t know, but the most common disadvantage that the steroid users face is gynecomastia. This is a condition in which the mammary tissue in males starts to develop like a female. This happens when you take the large amount of testosterone. So if you want to avoid this problem, you should stop using the hormone at once. Steroids not only help to develop your biceps and triceps but your other muscles too.

·        Aromatisation:

Aromatisation is a process in which the testosterone in our body is converted into estrogen, which is a female hormone. This happens with the help of a hormone name aromatase. So to balance the hormonal rise, these enzymes convert it into estrogen, which is often responsible for gynecomastia. This happens when people use a lot of anabolic steroids to enhance the muscle growth.

·        No testosterone:

When you start taking these hormones orally, one of the disadvantages that happen in the body is that it stops producing the hormone at all. This all happens when the body senses that there is enough testosterone in the blood. When you stop taking the hormone after some time, the body will not produce the hormone itself. So taking steroids is not an option, it gets to be your lifestyle. So it is recommended that you should not look for the shortcuts at all.

·        Testicular atrophy:

Another disadvantage that you might have to face after you stop taking the hormone is testicular atrophy. When there is a low production of testosterone, there is a huge chance that your testicles might shrink. Prolong condition can affect your reproductive system badly. So now if you are still planning for using a Testosterone Booster, think again. You might be putting yourself in a lifelong problem. It is better to use the natural ways to enhance your muscle growth. It is safer than artificial ways.