The Importance of Restaurant Packaging Supplies and Equipment

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At my restaurant I get quite a bit of traffic. The menu is just important as the quality of the food, but I also show concern in the pricing. I try to make sure I can appeal to most customers. I want my restaurant to be everybody’s favorite. One thing that us restaurant owners may not think about is how we are going to package the items that are leaving the restaurant. It’s more than just a single Styrofoam box. Sometimes we will need to invest in deli containers and lids, cup sealers, and portion cups. These items are important to our business to make sure we are managing the amount of food that is leaving the restaurant on our to-go orders.

Deli Containers And Lids

Deli containers and lids will be beneficial to your curbside orders because you want to make sure everyone is getting an equal share of food. I’ve personally been to places where I know for a fact eating in I can get more food than dining out. Your deli containers will be measurable by the ounces, so you can determine how much to send out of the restaurant based on the amount that you send inside. Most to-go containers I’ve experienced have either been clear in color or white. Your plastic deli containers will hold some of your microwaveable food items and they are capable of handling hot items, right off of the stove.

Cup Sealers

Cup sealers are important for distributing homemade or restaurant made items, such as your own secret sauce. A countertop manual cup sealer is good for producing tamper evident takeout items or grab and go items you may offer inside the restaurant. Cup sealers provide an oxygen and moisture barrier. They extend the shelf life of your products as well. Cup sealers can help you provide your customers with any extras their food may need in the safest and neatest way possible.

Portion Cups

Portion cups are things that keep us from giving away the farm. Sometimes it’s not enough to just eyeball an amount of something. You want to make sure you are respecting your own bottom line by giving the right amount of food per order. An additional portion could be worth double the amount of money. At that rate, your books would be in the red and you’d have no idea why. Keep it simple for your staff who are packing the to-go orders and already have containers that will hold no more than the allotted amount of food.


Managing a restaurant is about more than making sure things run smoothly on the inside. You must manage the food that is leaving the restaurant as well. Create a solid foundation by defining what is being purchased. Assign deli containers and lids to certain orders, user cup sealers to manage the amount of your special sauce that is being sold or given away and set up portion cups so that the kitchen staff knows when enough is enough.