How to Win Negotiations with Subliminal Messages?


Subliminal messages can have a positive effect on the flow and outcome of the negotiations. The use of subliminal messages can determine whether you will win or lose the negotiation. Below are ways in which you can use subliminal messages to enhance the outcome of the negotiation to make them appear encouraging, submissive or challenging.

  1. Be submissive

During the negotiation process, there are times when you will find that you need to be submissive. During such times you will be required to use softer words for you to enhance the image of your statement.

From a subliminal perspective if you do not agree with what with the other negotiator instead of saying “I disagree with what you are saying” you can instead say “what other opinions do you have.” By using this approach, you won’t look like you are threatening or challenging the other party.

What you will be doing is seeking more insight and asking the negotiator to offer the insight. Also in doing this, you will let the negotiator continue to maintain his leadership role which is what you want to portray by trying to be submissive.

  1. Use the messages as a challenge

If you plan on challenging your negotiation opponent, make sure that you are careful. There is a particular way in which you can challenge someone and make them have a different view. Alternatively, you can use a soft challenging position. For instance, you can invoke the appearance of a higher authority which will give the impression that power is from another source.

In another scenario, you can try to use studies or positions which are contrary to what your opponent is saying. If you want to appear confrontational, you can make a pronunciation such as “you are an idiot.” With such a pronouncement you will set the negotiation environment to be a serious mood. The subliminal message in such a pronouncement will mean that you are already mad and you don’t plan on being amenable and the negotiation process is going downhill if the opposing negotiator does not withdraw his actions.

  1. By using sources in the media

You can enhance your negotiation when you state the truth of something which is in the media. Before doing this make sure that you plan how you will use related subjects which are in the media during your negotiation as proof for your argument. If you want to enhance the proof, you can state that it is social proof.

  1. By using the messages in the points and agendas

When coming up with an agenda for the negotiation, you can use this chance to use subliminal messages. When you set subliminal messages on the agenda, you will be able to set boundaries on how you will carry out the negotiation.

During negotiation each word has a meaning, and subliminal meanings can make the words to have a more profound definition. Try to consider how you are going to enhance your negotiations with the use of subliminal messages. When appropriately used subliminal messages can smoothen your path for winning negotiations.