Vienna Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour


If you are interested to visit Vienna for sightseeing, then you must choose hop-on, hop-off buses. The public transport system of Vienna is excellent but as a new visitor in the city, you may feel inconvenient to reach all the places. This kind of tour will be guided one and you can join or leave at any point and also move at your own pace.

There will be 2 main options available for such tours:

  1. The Vienna-Sightseeing bus and price will start from €17 and it will be free if you have Vienna Pass.
  2. The Big-Bus Tour where prices will start from approx. €19. You can also buy advance ticket by online booking at You can also get Vienna City Card duly upgraded, which also includes a 24-hour pass.

Both will take you around all the main sites and also there will be multilingual audio guides available. You can also get few extras like guided walking tour etc.

Vienna sightseeing bus

The busses that are yellow and green colour, which can be easily identified in the city and there will be 4 different routes available inside the Vienna:

  1. Red:

This type of bus will encircle the old town, which will take you to and from various key sites e.g. Hofburg, Rathaus, Natural and Art-history museums and also opera house etc. Usually this is the first-choice route for most visitors, as it can give you a broad-flavour about the best part of the Vienna.

  1. Yellow:

This route covers the museums and opera-house, and also takes passengers out to the 2 main tourist attractions, which is away from the centre of the Belvedere and Schönbrunn-palaces. This can be a good second choice for most visitors as your trip to Vienna will not be complete without visiting at least any one of these two palaces.

  1. Green:

Here the main locations to visit are out in the hills that passes through Grinzing to Kahlenberg mountain. After that, it will go to monastery which is in Klosterneuburg, that is just outside Vienna.

During warmer seasons, this route is recommended. You can get excellent views from mountain and wine taverns of Vienna, which are very delightful during summer afternoons/evenings.

  1. Blue:

This route will take you to Hundertwasserhaus, after that pass through the UN headquarters and then to the Prater-amusement park. During summer weekends. additional bus routes are introduced for palace-day trips or sometime visit to the Roman-ruins at Carnuntum.

Ticket options

There are 2 different tickets available that are:

  1. Single-route 24-hour ticket
  2. Multiple-route 72-hour ticket

All tickets also include any walking tour that goes into the centre. In case you are carrying a Vienna Pass, then this will cover all bus routes along with one boat route as well.

Big bus tour

There are following two routes in the Big-Bus Tour:

  1. Red:

In this route, it will travel around the area near the old town, however it will also cover the areas like Prater, and also across the Danube then towards the UN buildings. It is a kind of combination of Sightseeing buses – red and blue route. In case, you do not have much time then this is the right option for you as you will be able to see a lot of Vienna, just within less than two hours with the assumption that you do not do too much “hop-on or hop-off” but prefer to stay on board mostly.

  1. Blue:

This is also called palace route, as it covers the area surrounding the Hofburg, then moves out to Schönbrunn and Belvedere.

There are also guided walking tour in the Big-Bus Tours.

Ticket options

With basic 24-hour tickets and premium/deluxe 48-hour options include a guided walk tour at Schönbrunn and river cruise.

Visit the website for any further details about Vienna tours.