What is your degree of silly?


Imagine if you were dreaming about a strange number. What is the first thing you will do when you get up:

  1. Remember the number and write it down
  2. You don’t want to wake up
  3. Day able night dreams
  4. Tell a friend
  5. Go to buy a lottery as soon as possible

Test results:

  1. Silly degree: ★★★★★

You are a typical fool, and you never use your brain to think. Other people may think you are simple, but you are really silly.

  • Silly degree: ★

You are not silly at all. You are very smart, and you are good at dealing with people. You focus on your own life without other people’s suggestions. You are too smart to be worried.

  • Silly degree: ★★★★

You are a warm-hearted person, but very simple. You like take care of others.

  • Silly degree: ★★

You are a simple person. You do things very carefully, but sometimes you may make some mistakes. You may make small mistakes, not big ones. You are not so silly.

  • Silly degree: ★★★

You like play tricks. You think you are smart, but actually you are not. You will mess up your own life.