Renewal of Two-Wheeler Insurance from ICICI Lombard


Two-wheeler insurance in India is not only a mandatory requirement by law, but also an essential tool to efficiently manage risks. It helps you cover the costs of injuries or other potential damages in case of accidents, fire, theft, etc., thus covering the legal liability that might arise because of riding a two-wheeler.

Considering the importance of two-wheeler insurance in India, choosing an appropriate insurance company is a crucial decision for vehicle owners. One of the smart choices available for customers is two-wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard.

Why choose two-wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard

As one of the leading insurance companies in India, ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance policy offers several advantages to the customers, including:

  1. a) The convenience of hassle-free policy renewal online with a flexible policy period.
  2. b) Comprehensive protection and coverage.
  3. c) The benefit of cashless claim service at 3500+ authorised network garages all across India
  4. d) Two-wheeler Insurance from ICICI Lombard offers personal accident coverage, including reimbursement for several expenses made at the hospital in case of road accidents.
  5. e) Excellent cover for third-party property damages involving the two-wheeler.
  6. f) Two-wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard offers the benefit of add-on cover for co-passengers apart from fundamental personal accident cover.
  7. g) Discount of 2.5% on Own Damage premium in case the vehicle has an anti-theft device installed.
  8. h) Availability of comprehensive long-term two-wheeler insurance plans which offer both, the mandatory Third Party Liability cover as well as the cost of legal proceedings against the owner in the event of death or permanent damage to another individual in an accident.

When Should You Renew Two Wheeler Insurance From ICICI Lombard?

The decision of renewing the two-wheeler insurance is a significant one. When it comes to renewing your policy, choosing ICICI Lombard as the insurer can offer several benefits. You should renew your two-wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard in the following instances:

a) Within the policy tenure

Irrespective of the reasons, if you aren’t satisfied with your existing insurer and looking to make a switch, you can do so by opting for ICICI Lombard insurance within the running policy period. Once the process of online renewal is done, you will need to cancel the old policy after making sure that there are no open claims with the previous insurance company.

b) In case of vehicle change

You should look at renewing your two-wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard in case you purchase a new vehicle. The process of transferring insurance and NCB from the old vehicle to the new one is simple, post the verification of the new vehicle’s value and making premium adjustments accordingly.

c) In case of new ownership of the two-wheeler

Renewing your two-wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard is also a great idea in case you’re buying a two-wheeler from another person. In such a case, you can easily transfer the policy from the old insurance company to ICICI Lombard and receive a new certificate.

ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance Online Renewal

Two-wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard offers the advantage of renewing the existing insurance policy online in a few simple steps. The process differs slightly for existing and new customers, as explained below:

a) For existing customers

An existing customer of ICICI Lombard can renew their policy using the below steps:

-Accessing the policy renewal page of ICICI Lombard either on the company’s website or at online marketplaces such as

-Entering the details of the existing policy such as policy number followed by last five digits of the engine or chassis number for verification purpose.

-Once the verification is complete, your online policy gets renewed instantly.

b) For customers switching to ICICI Lombard from other insurers

In case you’re planning to make a switch from other insurers to ICICI Lombard, the process of online renewal is slightly different, which is explained below:

-Customer holding policies from another insurance company need to provide additional details along with the existing policy information. These include all the vehicle details and the contact details of the policyholder.

-At this stage of policy renewal, customers can also opt for various add-on covers including the Personal Accident Cover.

-The last step in the online renewal process is making the payment for instant policy issuance.

Insure Your Two-Wheeler with ICICI Lombard

With a rapid increase in the number of insurance companies, it becomes really difficult for the customers to select the best one available.

Two-wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard makes a smart choice due to various factors such as reliability of the service provider, excellent policy features, brand value, affordability of the policy, and other such technical aspects. At, you can access various two-wheeler insurance policy offerings from ICICI Lombard as per the individual needs.