Types of Christian jewelry – Are you sure you know their religious significance?

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Did youever wonder whether anyone can wear any piece of Catholic jewelry? If yousearch in Google typing ‘Catholic jewelry, celebrities’, you will find numerouspictures of celebrities who are donning different pieces of Catholic jewelry.There are too many non-Catholics who are wearing Catholic jewelleries and theyjust wear it in the form of a fashion accessory. But have you ever thoughtwhether or not this is acceptable as per the religion of Christianity? How doCatholics react to this act of wearing Catholic jewelry in the form of Catholicjewelry?

If you tooare someone who is eager to wear Christian jewelry, you needn’t worry as youcan get them in different forms online. Just as you can get the blessed Rosary from Savelli, you can get variousother kinds of Christian jewelry as well. Here are the few types that you maywatch out for.

#1: Crosses and crucifixes

In the religion, Christianity, a crucifix isn’t the symbol which signifies the death of Jesus but it rather signifies his triumph over death which opens up the possibilities of His believers to obtain a place in Heave. A crucifix is which carries the image of Christ on it but the cross remains empty. You can wear crosses and crucifixes as earrings and pendants as well.

#2: Chaplets and rosaries

These are technically not considered as jewelry but Christians wear them both. They wear both small chaplets and rosaries whenever they recite prayers and the beads are arranged over their neck or wrist in order to reflect the values of Jesus. Such jewelry pieces range from too simple to pretty ornate but each of them has got a beauty of its own. Rosaries can be worn around the neck and the smaller versions can also be worn over the fingers.

#3: Religious medals

Among the most popular of the Christian pieces of jewelry, religious medals are one among them, particularly among those of Catholic faith. Each of the medal relates to any of the established and renowned saints and they convey a specific message. One of the most commonly worn pieces of jewelry is the Miraculous Medal which is a piece that traces its origin to the Saint Catherine Laboure who was believed to have received directions for making it straight from Virgin Mary herself. It is usually believed among the Christians that praying with this Miraculous Medal will help you intervene into the cause of Virgin Mary.

#4: Angel Jewelry

This kind is popular among several religious sects. Angels are believed widely to be messengers from heaven and also personal guardians and they have gained a wide appeal. They come in the form of pins, necklaces and also in the form of earrings. Angels can even make great additions to charm bracelets.

Therefore, it is a fact that Christian jewelry is pretty attractive and hence there are many who wear it. However, it is not proper to wear it only for the sake of enhancing your appearance as they also have a religious significance.